• Frank Sferra Director’s Commendation – National Speech and Debate Association (2020)
  • National Educator of the Year (Top Five Finalist) – National Speech and Debate Association (2020)
  • Jenny Cook Mentorship Award – NSU University School Sunvite (2020)
  • National Debate Council Award – Uganda (2019)
  • Super Teacher of the Week – The CW South Florida (2019)
  • Debate Coach of the Year – Broward County Public School District (2018)

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About Renea L. Moss

Renea L. Moss is an award-winning and internationally recognized educator, inspirational speaker, trainer, and performer with a heart the size of the moon and a mind as sharp as a tack.

Renea’s greatest achievement has been transforming a nearly dismantled Speech and Debate team into the 2019 National Speech and Debate Association’s (NSDA) School for Excellence in Speech.

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